In this day and age, anyone with a mobile device can gain access to a multitude of information that can be used to learn things. Whether it be in small bits that can be accessed instantly or larger chunks that are discovered through time and careful research, people have, in my opinion, an ability to review an unprecedented amount of information that would not be possible without innovations in technology that are celebrated today.

Innovation is how a person’s learning connections can change, especially with technological innovation. Proof of this point can be seen in how the connections that I had decades ago are almost completely different from what I use today. For instance, in grade school, the depth of my learning connections centered on three specific connections:  1) my parents and extended family, 2) my teachers, and 3) the resources within the school library. Most would have probably said that their friends would have been a connection, but if my memory serves me well, my friends from childhood tended to exaggerate and embellish anything that I might could learn from them. The point being here that at that time, my learning connections were defined by what was accessible to me and the limitations those resources afforded. By the time I entered college, the smartphone had not fully descended onto the masses, but the Internet made it possible for me to learn things from various web resources rather than face-to-face communications. Today, thanks to smartphones, social media, information apps, and text alerts, not only can more information be reached in a variety of ways but far quicker than before. From a professional standpoint, working professionals that I collaborate with and other colleagues serve as informational resources when needed.

Due to the impact technology has made on how we function in life, people tend to rely on various digital tools to learn what they need. The tools that currently provide the most learning opportunities for me are apps that smartphones can hold and the Internet. The two work collaboratively together to bring information in expedient and manageable ways. When there is new information that I need to acquire, I immediately access my news apps and use the browser on my computer or smartphone to initiate Google searches for whatever information I need. Thanks to social media, people around the world can pin links to other sites, blog posts, and other visual media that lead viewers to other informational resources.

The learning network I have today, especially when including social media and my personal and professional connections, provides access to a multitude of different viewpoints that make it possible to learn of ideas and concepts from many perspectives. Additionally, the Internet, by design, has an extensive interconnectivity of other pages and websites that discuss shared and similar topics. The fact that all the connections that make up my learning network continue to grow in terms of the information that they possess ensures that the ability to learn more is always possible.