Career professionals know that in order to survive the challenges that their jobs provide, they must have, along with their own arsenal of skill sets and capabilities, access to resources and professional communities pertaining to their fields. It can be a scary thought for a new instructional designer entering the job force to feel that resources and instructional design (ID) communities are out of reach, especially with no idea of where to look. That thought could not be further from the truth. Instructional designers can discover a wealth of online research and resource sites, as well as online communities, aimed specifically to the field, with many that go to great lengths to keep designers informed of continuing and emerging trends, of paths to continued professional development, and of platforms for sharing insights and thoughts with other ID professionals. Below is a list of 3 ID resource and community sites that offer many benefits for new and continuing instructional designers:

ATD – Association for Talent Development


The Association for Talent Development’s official site offers numerous resources for current ID professionals and those who are interested in becoming instructional designers. To receive the full advantage of the site, visitors would need to become site members. Once they do, they will have access to publications and e-book resources, an assortment of community blogs centered on topics concerning anything from career development to leadership, registration capability for ATD sponsored courses taught live or online by veteran ID and training professionals and more.

Instructional Design Central (IDC)


This resource site is a privately owned and operated web source of instructional design and other learning information.  The goal of the site is to offer career professionals access to resources and content that will help them achieve great success on the job and as they continue their own educational development within the field. Content includes breakdowns of the major instructional design models, a listing of social media and site access for IDC, the site’s internal blog, a job search resource, and design templates that can be purchased on the site.

Source: is an extensive informational resource website that compiles useful information on a variety of topics that are a part of the instructional design universe. Additionally, for each topic page accessible on the site, hyperlinks to other sites that provide additional information on the topics being reviewed.  It also includes a job board with currently available job postings in instructional design.